Monthly Archives: August 2018

Hawks in Bickford Park

Very early this spring a pair of Coopers Hawks nested on the west side of Bickford Park. They produced 3 young birds and raised them through some major storms, the noise of Victoria and Canada Day firecrackers, and all the sounds coming from the park. In mid-July the young left the nest although they stayed around the park to learn to hunt with their parents. As with other hawks, females are larger than males. The picture is probably of a young male. Chicks are initially covered with white down and later white feathers, some of which can still be seen on this male’s shoulders. The photo was taken by Nola Grimes.

There is more good nature news: bats are back in Bickford Park. After being devastated by a fungal disease all across North America, a few have returned to our park, raising hopes for their recovery. It’s worth remembering that they can eat as much as their body weight or more of mosquitoes every night.