Monthly Archives: December 2017


Bickford Park Celebrates Renovations

After many years of debate and planning the redesign of Bickford Park is complete. Key improvements consist of the creation of a fenced-in dog area at the south end of the park and the planting of shrubs along the southern section of the fence. As well, there is now a new paved path across Bickford which allows pedestrians to walk through rather than around the park. New trees and benches create a larger natural recreational area at the north end. The former north diamond was relocated across Harbord Street to Eggleton Park.

On Sunday, October 29th, the Friends of Bickford Park celebrated the inauguration of park improvements made in 2017 with a ceremonial piping-in and walk on the new park path. Refreshments were provided by our friends at the Beans and Baker Malt Shop and Councillor Mike Layton also participated.

Local residents chat with Councillor Mike Layton while refreshments are being set up.

Our piper leads us on for an appreciation tour of all of the park improvements made in 2016 and 2017.


Local park enthusiast Bernd Baldus explains the positive impacts of the park renovations.