Bickford Park Revitalization Concept Plans in the News

Located at Grace and Harbord streets, Bickford Park is straining to meet the needs of different users, from baseball players to dog walkers.

The recent community meeting held on June 20, 2013 was featured on CBC. Read the story here:

4 responses to “Bickford Park Revitalization Concept Plans in the News

  1. James Kunstler does a good job describing the back of the Bickford Centre and the proposed chain link fence for the park!

    James Howard Kunstler / TED Talk

  2. Really! 6 baseball diamonds in the area. What ever happened to people respecting one another and using some common sence. Come on people. Really!

  3. I haven’t come across and concrete reasoning behind why the young tee-ball children (and their families) cannot use the enclosed baseball diamond at Art Eggleton Park. It provides a huge space that is otherwise unused for all the picnics that invariably happen (within the confines of the off-leash dog park area), and is enclosed for the safety of the children. And dogs are not allowed in that park unleashed. I feel that the dog-park community has not highlighted the fact that it is the tee-ballers that are using our area for sports; we wish to amicably share the space.
    There’s no reason to remove the smaller diamond at the south end of the park for occasional users. I feel that if the most consistent users of the smaller diamond can use an enclosed area across the street with a baseball diamond that is in better shape then the one they are using now. Also, we must recognize that because the diamond itself is so rarely used and there is only one group that really uses it, we can easily cater to their needs. And the occasional groups, provided they get proper permits from the city, can be easily accommodated.
    Also this way, no one loses their preferred method of utilizing the park area. Dog park stays, tee ball stays (available across the street).

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