About Us

The Friends of Bickford Park are a group of residents and park users, including dog owners, baseball and soccer players, who are working to maintain Bickford and Eggleton parks as public spaces which give users access to green environments, sports, and unorganized recreational activities. The Friends organize annual Spring and Fall cleanups, and work with the local councilor and Parks supervisor to keep the park attractive and balance its uses.

In the current planning process the Friends of Bickford Park support five principles for the improvement of the park. These reflect the park’s classification as a Neighborhood Park.

1. A single diamond dedicated to children’s baseball to allow a more diversified use of the park.

2. Space for informal and flexible recreational uses.

3. A fully enclosed area for leash-free dogs which prevents unleashed dogs from entering the rest of the park.

4. The preservation of significant natural areas in the park.

5. A path which leads people into and through Bickford park.



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